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AltGen exists in the nexus between projects and people and JOBS


As CONSULTANTS we focus on the space where energy and people intersect, as RECRUITERS we place scarce Renewable Energy skills, and as EMPLOYMENT SERVICES provider we enable the ease of operations into challenging geographies where clients do not have the required infrastructure. And we like to think that we do all three with passion and integrity.


AltGen began life recruiting engineers in 1998 and evolved from there. After completing a Master’s degree, with a focus on renewable energy, Sean Gibson decided to combine his experience in recruitment and the human capital industry with his passion for renewables, and started AltGen Recruitment and Consulting. AltGen turned out to be “a fortuitous confluence of opportunity” as the IPP program in South Africa got underway and renewables matured into a viable power generation option.


Since the development of the renewable energy market in South Africa, Sean and his team, consisting of recruiters, consultants and HR professionals, have also branched out into the greater energy market and continue to actively recruit and deploy the best skills in industry in Southern Africa, Eastern Africa and the Middle East.