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Rooftop Solar PV Job Creation Survey

AltGen Consulting, in partnership with SAPVIA, has initiated research into the job creation of the South African rooftop solar PV industry. The quantitative aim is to determine the current job creation statistics, notably the number employed and the education levels, in the solar PV industry, as well as the job intensity (jobs per megawatt) for the rooftop solar PV industry in South Africa.  On the qualitative side, the study aims to uncover the job security in the industry and the quality of the jobs created, in the eyes of the employees.

The findings of this research will then be contrasted to the job creation data from the Renewable Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) compiled by Sarah Stands (2015), an AltGen Consulting Director. These findings will be published, and freely available, on our website (www.altgen.co) and presented at the African Utility Week from 16th-18th May 2017.

To be included in the survey please forward your contact information (email address, company, and position in the company) to tim@altgen.co.za.