AltGen was founded in early 2012 and, since then, has played a leading role in providing a range of people orientated services to businesses, governments, NGOs and educational institutions. Services range from assisting with utility scale operations to formulating HR strategies as well as assisting recent graduates across Africa find jobs. We have offices in Nairobi, Kenya, and Cape Town, South Africa, and operate across both francophone and anglophone African countries.

Recruitment: From the recruitment of senior project directors and financial modellers to the supply of wind turbine and solar technicians for project operations, AltGen has secured and supplied staff for all the roles that encompass the full life cycle of a power project encompassing resource assessment, project development, financial close, construction and operation – in each skill vertical, including engineering, finance, administration, procurement, marketing, and operations.

Employment Services: New entrants into the African power pool have utilised our services to access untested markets and establish their operations, through optimised resource deployment and allocation as well as through the appointment of external contractors, to smooth their business service’s needs.


Human Resources: Our extensive experience in the labour markets of Africa enable us to provide an end to end HR service including payroll, recordables and in-country HR compliance across various African markets. We have completed a number of HR projects including payroll benchmarking, HR advisory, fully outsourced HR management, skills specific salary surveys, retrenchment process assistance, skills gap analysis and establishing internal competency frameworks.

Education: Our work in HR and recruitment has naturally lead to an in-depth understanding of the skills needs required by industry, and in this regard, we are continuously assisting educational institutions to fine tune their training offerings. Headline projects include working with the South African Renewable Energy Technology Centre to establish national guidelines for the certification of the Wind Energy Service Technician course offering in South Africa as well as being engaged by the Pan African University – Institute of Water and Energy Sciences based in Algeria, in a curriculum review process to ensure the continued relevance of the PAU water and energy MSc program.

Consulting: Specific to renewable energy, AltGen provides project integrity and supervisory consulting services to various stakeholders as well as sector specific market research. Engagements have included supervision of the DFID funded and AFD administered Green mini-grid program in Kenya, enabling the roll out of distributed power to several hundred thousand Kenyans, a review of HIV/AIDS related activities in renewable energy in South Africa, and human capacity development and skills development in wind energy under the South African Wind Energy Program as funded by the Global Environment Facility