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Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) July 2021

The Act has been in play in South Africa since 2013 but has only become compulsory to enforce as of 01 July 2021. The POPI Act sets the conditions for responsible parties to lawfully process personal information. Personal information is described as any information relating to an identifiable natural person or juristic person. This would […]

Restraints of Trade in Employment Contracts.

  While the competition for skills in the renewables space is intense, there has been a definite trend of Employers resorting to imposing codified employment restrictions on current and potential Employees in the form of a Restraint of Trade in contracts of employment. EMPLOYERS So at the outset, in the interests of transparency, I have […]

Exploring the Gap Between Skills and the Renewable Energy Industry.

The renewable energy sector is one of the fastest-growing industries globally. According to the 2017 Global Talent Index, there is an estimated 8.1 million people employed within the renewables space. In South Africa, the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) had estimated that an additional 109,444 direct, FTE person-years of employment would be created through […]

Job Hunting: 3 Ways to Make the Process Seem Less Daunting.

  Beginning the career searching process can seem daunting and incredibly time-consuming if you don’t know where or how to leapfrog the process. But despite the challenges that many face on their journey to professional development, we have some good news! For most, the benefits of engaging with an executive search firm may not be […]

Renewable Energy Recruiter – Job Opportunities – South Africa

Job Description: Renewable Energy Recruiter Location: Cape Town, South Africa AltGen offers recruitment, consulting and employment services with a core focus on recruitment for renewable energy and sustainability-related companies in Africa. Our cleantech recruitment agency is based in Cape Town and our objective is to assist job seekers to develop their careers in our area […]