AltGen consulting is a quality research and advisory service provider to government and institutions for various Renewable Energy jobs in Africa.

AltGen is a renewable energy and sustainable development consulting firm with a presence in Kenya and South Africa. We work with private companies, governments, international development partners, community groups and research institutions as a quality research and advisory service provider.

We also provide project management services and operational support for various RE projects throughout Africa, and recruit industry professionals to developers and IPPs. We provide support throughout the projects from conception to construction through our thorough research-based viability assessments which ultimately leads to the construction of the Renewable Energy producing plant.

  • We engage closely with our clients and stakeholders to develop effective strategies to enhance livelihoods
  • We contribute to the alignment between policy and sector-based initiatives, through research, democratizing access to information and leveraging value
  • We encourage debate around improving livelihoods, specifically in the areas of meaningful job creation, skills development and economic development
  • We provide critical analyses of the inter-relationships between policy and economic growth

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