AltGen Employment Services is a full-service Business to Business HR Solutions provider facilitating the entry of local and international engineering, sales and general services entities into the African energy and engineering markets by taking care of the nitty gritty of in-country compliance and HR process systems.

There are occasions where owning the responsibility of employment is not possible, for instance:

  • where a national / international moratorium has been placed on appointments due to financial / governance constraints;
  • contextual issues, where in international corporate culture is not appropriate in emerging markets, and an understanding of the local context contributes to project or operational success;
  • risk management, where an international corporate has not yet taken an investment decision yet requires a local presence.

In these and other instances, AltGen provides a fully outsourced employment service by assuming responsibility for the administration of employment including all legal compliances, statutory deductions, recordables (leave, time off, time sheets) and employee relationship management such as incentives and disciplinaries.