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Want To Make Your Firm A Desirable One To Work For? This Is How You Can Leverage The Recruitment Process…

You may have asked yourself: “ How do we position our company to ensure that when we need new top skills to join the team, we have excellent profiles contacting us left, right, and center? ” In essence, how do we make our business a desirable one to work for? Well, the easy answer to […]

Customising Your Profile To Help Land You A Job: What You Forgot To Mention On Your CV & LinkedIn Profile

You are a highly skilled renewable energy professional with so much to offer in terms of your experience and expertise but, you tend to ask yourself: “Why are recruiters not reaching out to me?” or “Why does everyone else seem to be getting headhunted but me?”. Well, the answer is simple. There could be a […]

Tinder Versus Recruitment – What Every Candidate Should Take Away From The Relationship

Often in life, we limit ourselves to speaking to the pre-defined fields that we think recruiters want to see on our CV’s or what they want to chat about over the phone. We cover the basics in a summary “bio” and occasionally speak to our “interests”. We don’t take enough time to think about what […]

Unveiling the “Tech-Talent Exchange” & “Graduate Connect” Platforms

It is our collective responsibility to turn COVID-19, tragic as it is, into an opportunity. An opportunity to recalibrate our energy system into one that is fit-for-purpose. The energy storage assembly and manufacturing market in South Africa is a quiet but very notable success story. DG installations continue to grow. And if the mythical, artificial, […]

“Scrubbing CV’s” – it is ILLEGAL

You, the client, email 3 – 5 recruitment agencies. The “TO” field is blank, or you have addressed it to yourself, but in BCC are your most “dependable recruiters”. The email is received by your trusty recruiter and the first thing she or he does is jump on to a job board and conduct a […]