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Renewable Energy Recruiter – Job Opportunities – South Africa

Job Description: Renewable Energy Recruiter Location: Cape Town, South Africa AltGen offers recruitment, consulting and employment services with a core focus on recruitment for renewable energy and sustainability-related companies in Africa. Our cleantech recruitment agency is based in Cape Town and our objective is to assist job seekers to develop their careers in our area […]

Want To Make Your Firm A Desirable One To Work For? This Is How You Can Leverage The Recruitment Process…

You may have asked yourself: “ How do we position our company to ensure that when we need new top skills to join the team, we have excellent profiles contacting us left, right, and center? ” In essence, how do we make our business a desirable one to work for? Well, the easy answer to […]

Customising Your Profile To Help Land You A Job: What You Forgot To Mention On Your CV & LinkedIn Profile

You are a highly skilled renewable energy professional with so much to offer in terms of your experience and expertise but, you tend to ask yourself: “Why are recruiters not reaching out to me?” or “Why does everyone else seem to be getting headhunted but me?”. Well, the answer is simple. There could be a […]

Tinder Versus Recruitment – What Every Candidate Should Take Away From The Relationship

Often in life, we limit ourselves to speaking to the pre-defined fields that we think recruiters want to see on our CV’s or what they want to chat about over the phone. We cover the basics in a summary “bio” and occasionally speak to our “interests”. We don’t take enough time to think about what […]

Unveiling the “Tech-Talent Exchange” & “Graduate Connect” Platforms

It is our collective responsibility to turn COVID-19, tragic as it is, into an opportunity. An opportunity to recalibrate our energy system into one that is fit-for-purpose. The energy storage assembly and manufacturing market in South Africa is a quiet but very notable success story. DG installations continue to grow. And if the mythical, artificial, […]